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A 13-year-old caught in the 2017 bombing "can't verbalise" what happened, her mother says.

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The Cyberzone Computer Club
Helping the Community 

Enjoy at the CyberzoneThe area of Neath and Port Talbot has a vibrant and exciting past and with new developments and technologies no one needs to be left behind.

The future will bring more prospects to our community and advances in new technology will need new skills. The Cyberzone Computer Club can give you that helping hand in overcoming the fears of these technologies. If its just a friendly chat you need about turning a computer on, or maybe surfing the Internet safely we are able to help you. 


The Cyberzone Computer Club was born from a project created by Communities First. With funding coming to an end in 2009 the members decided that they still needed a place to learn and teach IT in an informal and relaxed environment.

Members of the computer club developed ideas to generate funds to keep the centre functioning and keep the club sustainable plus providing an informal place to learn computer and IT skills.
This is the first year for the club to fund its own project and all proceeds from drop-in sessions, courses and donations will be used to fund and maintain the Computer centre.

Young and old working togetherHow can we help you ?

 Using a computer for the first time
 Exploring the Internet
 Online Safety for Children/Adults
 Safe buying online
 Using applications, word, photoshop,
 Digital Story Telling
 Using your digital camera
 Virus and Trojan Removal (Phone for price)
 Clean inside your pc—Computer Clean(Phone for price) 

Advertise your Business

The Briton Ferry West website, has in 48 months received over 1,200,000 page views, over 100,000 visits and over 30,000 absolute unique visitors. To local companies this amount of traffic can have a major impact on sales and revenue.

To gain sustainability for the Cyber Zone we would like to introduce the website as a marketing tool for local businesses, for a minimal fee they will receive the following package,

1. Advertising Business Banner

A front page banner advert, designed and customized by the Cyber Zone which will be shown on a revolving banner advert on the Cyberzone Website.

2. Online Business Directory

A link to the online business directory, showing your   business details to their customers with a very easy built in search engine. These links will be shown at present, on 4 websites across Neath/Port Talbot, with a very high level of website traffic.
 Briton Ferry West
 Neath East
 Upper Afan valley

3. Newsletter

The newsletter is a quarterly publication which is delivered to over 1000 homes, 10 random businesses will be added into the newsletter, further development of the Cyberzone Computer Club will eventually receive hand over of this newsletter.

Prices and Packages

There are three packages to choose for your business

● Gold - £150 per year for a full no limit showing advertising on our front page that links to your website, link into online business directory and newsletter. (550,000 approx clients)

● Silver - £100 per year for a partial amount of adverts. i.e. 2000 showings with link to your webpage and link into business directory.

● Bronze - £50 Limited advertising approx 1000 showings link to your website, link into the business directory

Contacting the Cyberzone Computer Club

If you need more information please email us on computer[at] or give us a call on 01639 796035, a member will only be available on a Tuesday and Thursday morning to answer your call

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